The Chairman
The Chairman convenes and chairs Board meetings in accordance with the Code of Regulations. The Chairman informs the members about important school matters, receives reports from senior officers, sets policies and ensures their proper implementation and supervision.

The Principal
The main role of the Principal is to focus on the management of instruction, the overall coordination of the academic and non-academic curricula and the development of staff.The principal is the head of the administrative team and has overall responsibilities for the education programme in the institution within the context of the Ministry of Education and the Board’s mandate. He/she is directly accountable to the Board through the Chairman.

The Vice-Principal
The Vice-Principal is a member of the administrative team, who reports directly to the Principal. He/she is involved in the formulation and implementation of educational policies of the school, especially as it relates to the day-to-day activities.
The Vice-Principal is also responsible for ensuring the proper administration of the academic programme of all grades, organizing and coordinating all examinations and supervising the heads of departments.

Dean of Discipline
The Dean of Discipline is responsible for the enforcement of the school’s rules and regulations. He/she works closely with the members of the administrative team and helps formulate disciplinary policies and sanctions.

Grade Supervisors
The Grade Supervisor coordinate activities, direct ideas within their Grade supervises form teachers, host grade meetings oversee the process of record keeping etc.

Senior Teachers
Senior teachers are teachers who by virtue of performance are promoted to this position. They are assigned special responsibilities by the principal in addition to the normal teaching duties. These duties may pertain to students, extra-curricular activities, social programmes or staff related activities. Senior teachers are expected to give guidance to new teachers and where it is not done directly it is hoped that the example they set will be worthy of emulation.

Head of Departments
All Head of Departments help coordinate the instructional programme in his/her department. He/she monitors the work of his/her members of staff by checking schemes and giving advice. They are accountable to the Vice-Principal and should consult with him/her regularly on matters relating to students’ performance, teacher evaluation and staff development.

The Bursar is responsible to the Principal, the School’s Board and the Ministry of Education Youth and Culture for all Government and private funds and assets regarding the school. In this respect to his/her books of account and records, must always be up-to-date and presentable so that they can stand up to scrutiny and audit at any time.

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