Business Education
The goal of the Business Education Department is to develop in students the competencies and expertise in business practices that will enable them to operate at a high level in the business department.

Guidance and Counseling
The Guidance Counselors are concerned with all major aspects of the students’ psychological well-being and personal development.
Other duties carried out by the Guidance Counselors include:

Educational Competition: Programme includes work experience

  • Prepares students to be more self-confident and educationally aware
  • Enhances personal development of students
  • Prepare students for the world of work

Grief Counseling:

  • Prepare students to address the problem of grief positively
  • These include the loss of; parents, friends, homes, personal belongings, divorce et. al.

Home Visits

  • Visits homes as it relates to students:
  • Absenteeism
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Habits
  • Health
  • Hygiene

Career Development   

  • Career Education
  • Career Awareness
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Guidance
  • Career Orientation
  • Career Cluster

Home Economics
Home Economics is an applied science that deals with the study of food and its function (Food and Nutrition), Clothing and Textile (Apparel and Garment Construction), Home Economics Management that deals with Family life and the Environment.

Industrial Arts
The Industrial Arts Department is one of the Premier Departments of the school which is geared at equipping all its students with:

Practical Skills
Theoretical Knowledge and 

Through the Reform of Secondary Education, (R.O.S.E) Programme, the Resource and Technology component, Industrial Technique, is offered to the 7-9 grades of the school. This component exposes students to all practical areas namely:

Building Technology
Electrical Technology
Mechanical Technology and
one support subject, Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing serves to teach the importance of Drawing to each skill area. It introduces the student to drawing as a main source of communication and information between trades’ men in similar or differing fields. Emphasis is place on scale drawings, accuracy of measurements and presentation of drawings to the highest level. All four areas are offered at the CXC level.

The role of the English Department is:

  • To increase the literacy levels of students;


  • To develop competence in grammar and written expression;
  • To facilitate students’ language and development through speech.

Mathematics is taught to all students at the school. Each student is given at least four hours tutoring per week.   Students are prepared for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and the Secondary Schools Certificate (SSC) functional and continuing level examinations.

The main objectives of the department are:

  • to help students to acquire a range of mathematical techniques and skills and to  foster and maintain the awareness of the importance of  accuracy
  • to help students to develop the ability to think logically and critically;
  • to help students to develop positive attitudes such as open mindedness and self reliance;
  • to prepare students for the use of mathematics in future studies.

Physical Education
Physical Education is the art and science of developing, implementing and monitoring a carefully  designed instructional programme for students, based on comprehensive assessment, to give the learner the skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation and sports experiences to enhance physical fitness and wellness.

The aims of the Physical Education Department are to:

  • show students that becoming physically fit and well will greatly improve the quality of their lives;


  • show students how they can become physically fit;
  • motivate students to make healthy choices and to provide them with tools for change.

The science department seeks to advance the already questioning mind through relevant discussions, research and experimentation.

Social Studies
The Social Studies Department aims to develop an enriched Social Science Programme that will enable students to maximize their full social and academic potential. Our programme is specially designed in an attempt to produce rounded individuals who should become productive citizens such an individual should positively impact the society in which he lives and ensures the total development of his country.   

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts Department is geared towards exposing and channeling students creative ideas. Students are exposed to various aspects of the art world in an attempt to find a suitable job in the field



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