Entry Requirements

Admission is usually gained through places made available through the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and the National Assessment Programme (NAP) being administered by the Ministry of Education.

Any student who wishes a transfer to Yallahs High may be allowed to do so if;
  • space is available
  • the student’s transcript and/or reports show that he/she is sufficiently diligent and disciplined.

All students transferring out of Yallahs High must:

  • inform the school administration
  • return all school materials including rental books
  • settle all outstanding accounts with the school.

School Fees
All parents/guardians are expected to contribute to their child/children/ward education as stipulated by the Cost Sharing Programme implemented by the Ministry of Education. Consequently, prescribed fees are charged as determined by the School Board in consultation with the Ministry of Education All fees must be paid before the beginning of classes in September.

Parents/Guardians experiencing serious difficulties in paying fees should discuss the matter with the school’s administration prior to the opening of school. Where necessary, needy students must apply to the Ministry of Education for financial assistance.

Yallahs High School has a broad educational programme, which offers a wide range of subjects. Through these subject offerings students are taught to appreciate the fine arts, which include; literature, music and drama. The school also has a strong physical education programme, which facilitates the physical development of students and provides the opportunity to compete in a healthy environment.

The Junior Curriculum (Grades 7 - 9)
The Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE) Curriculum forms the basis of the educational programme for students of grades 7–9.
The core subjects of this curriculum are:
Language Arts                           Social Studies
Mathematics                             Resource & Technology

Other subjects taught under the Junior Curriculum are: Art & Craft, Music, Religious Education, Spanish and Guidance & Counseling.

The Senior Curriculum
The school offers a two (2) year programme to students in preparation for the CXC, GCE, SSC Examinations. The curriculum consists of a core component and an elective (option area) component.  The core curriculum is taken by all students and consists of the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies and a Science subject.


House System
The student body at Yallahs High is divided into four (4) Houses designated by four (4) colours:
Lewis (Red)                                           Burton (Yellow)
Bailey (Pink)                                          Wilson (Blue)
The aim of the house system is to promote honesty, cooperation, discipline and a pure competitive spirit. Every new student at Yallahs High is randomly placed in a House and remains a member of it for the rest of his/her time at school.


Care of Compound and Property

  • Students who willingly and maliciously damage and

destroy school property will have to repair or replace the
same through parents/guardians.

  • Reasonable time will be given for the repair or replacement of any damaged or destroyed property.
  • All disciplinary matters relating to this issue will be taken to the Disciplinary Committee, which will enforce appropriate action.
  • Students are expected to keep the compound clean and tidy.

Serious Offences

  • Theft, fighting, carrying serious weapons, telling lies, forgery.
  • The Principal and staff reserves the right to regard any child as a “bad influence” if after investigation finds he/she guilty of any of the offences listed under Disciplinary Guidelines and Sanctions. Disciplinary action will be taken, where necessary.

Areas Out of Bounds
Students in uniform must not be found standing, entering or loitering near bars, betting shops or any other building governed by the Spirit or Gambling Licence.


  • All students must present a medical certificate and the

school’s administration must be informed of any particular
illness a student may have on admission.

  • A medical certificate must accompany a letter of absence if

the child has been absent for more than a week.

  • All students must practice proper hygiene.


  • Visitors are not allowed on the school compound without proper identification at the gate.
  • Visitors must take a pass, received from the watchman / security guard to the Principal’s office.


School Uniform

  • All students are required to wear the correct uniform to school and all school functions.
  • If the correct uniform cannot be worn, the designated alternative must be worn. A written letter fro the parent/ guardian must be presented.

Boys Uniform

  • Black or brown shoes
  • Black or brown socks
  • Plain unstyled khaki trousers
  • Khaki shirt (Grades 7 –9)

Grades 7-9

  • Epaulet with 1, 2, 3 bars for grades 7, 8, 9 respectively.
  • Black belt for all grades
  • Shirt must be buttoned and properly tucked into trousers

Grades 10-11

  • Plain white shirt
  • Blue tie with white stripe (one (1) stripe for grade 10 and two (2) stripes for grade 11)

N.B. No form of headgear or jewellery except a wristwatch is allowed. No pattern is to be carved in the hair – the hair must be level.

Alternative Boy’s Uniform

  • Plain white shirt
  • Black Pants

Girl’s Uniform (All students)

  • Navy Blue Socks
  • Black Shoes

Grades 7 – 9

  • Four gore uniform (as stated on the design)
  • White plain blouse

N.B. The length of the skirt must be worn below the knee.

Grades 10-11

  • Blue skirt and plain white short sleeved blouse
  • Blue tie (Grade 10 one (1) stripe and Grade 11 two (2) stripes)

N.B.     All students must wear their badges of office. No form of
Headgear or jewelry, excepting a wristwatch, small knobs
or sleeper earrings may be worn.

Alternative Girl’s Uniform

  • White dress
  • A written letter must be prepared

Physical Education Gear – Boys

  • Black shorts
  • Blue T-Shirt
  • Black or white crepe, sneakers etc.

Physical Education Gear – Girls

  • Black shorts and/or skirt
  • Blue T-Shirt
  • Black or white crepe, sneakers etc.

Home Economics

  • White cap
  • White apron

NB. For additional information please see Students’ Handbook


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