Yallahs High has a library, which serves the school community. It is staffed with a librarian and an assistant who provides guidance to students and teachers in their efforts.

Book Rental
The Secondary Schools Textbook Project provides textbooks for rental to students of Grades 7 – 11. The project provides every student in these grades with textbooks, in most subject areas.

Procedure for Renting Books
Before the beginning of any new school year parents/guardians are supplied with bank vouchers. Parents/ guardians are required to complete the vouchers and pay the fees at the bank.

Care of Books
When a student rents a book he/she is entitled to keep it for the entire school year. He/She should ensure that his/her name is written in the space provided and that the book is properly wrapped. Every effort should also be made to take the best care of textbooks so that they are returned in excellent condition. A student who loses a book will be required to re-purchase the book and return it. If the book is unavailable from the bookshops, the student will be required to pay cash. The amount to be paid will depend on the condition of the book when it was rented.

Procedure for Returning Rented Books
All rented books must be returned to the Textbook Coordinator prior to the closure of school for the summer holidays. Collections will take place by the Coordinator at a time he/she may specify.

Canteen & Tuck Shop
The canteen/tuck shop is owned and operated by the school. It provides lunch and refreshments to students and staff each day.

Health Care
A registered nurse is employed to the school. The Office is opened from 8:00 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. daily, Monday to Friday, except on holidays. It offers First Aid and Health advice to students and staff. If a student requires immediate medical attention he/she is taken to the Yallahs Health Centre or the Princess Margaret Hospital, accompanied by the nurse. A pass is given to students by the Nurse to allow them to go home, when necessary.


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