Student Profile
In keeping with the School’s Motto “Work to Achieve”, the school is committed to making every effort to train its students in such a way that by the time they are ready to graduate they would have shown development in a number of areas.
These areas include:

  1. displaying a readiness to learn and openness to growth
  2. exhibiting professionalism in their elective area (option)
  3. being honest
  4. being disciplined

The student population at Yallahs High is not only governed by the school’s administration but also by the elected representatives of the student body.
These representatives include the Head Boy, the Head Girl, Prefects, Student Councilors and Class Monitors.

The Student Council
The Student Council provides an avenue of participation, for the Students of the Yallahs High School.
The Council consists of student councilors, which are elected and at least one staff Advisor elected by the students.

Through the student councils, students are able to:

  1. democratically elect their own representatives;
  2. have representation on the board of the institution;
  3. meet with principal, and staff or both, on any matter affecting the students’ interest, and;
  4. hold regular meetings to conduct business on their behalf, but with due regard to the smooth functioning of the institution.”¹

The Student Council acts as the student’s voice and ears in all matters related to the operation of the school. It is an avenue through which students can make administrators aware of the issue facing the students in the schools. The Council represents a medium for addressing issues as well as for student participation in the education system

The officers of the Council are:
Vice president
Assistant secretary
Public relation officer
Sports director

The Council has a staff advisor which is nominated by the staff. The staff advisor is responsible for providing guidance, training and for bridging the gap between students and members of staff.

The Prefect Body
The Prefect Body is a group of students appointed by the Administration. The primary function of the prefect is to reinforce school rules and ensure that they are adhered by all students.  The Body is headed by the head prefect or the Head Boy and/or Girl.  It is empowered with the authority to enforce discipline.

Prefect Body and Student Council
The Student Council and the Prefect Body are two separate groups, fulfilling different functions but united in the cause of discipline. It is often the mistaken belief of teachers, Principals and students alike that the  student councilors are to act in the position of a Prefect of discipline for his/her class. TO ENFORCE OR REINFORCE SCHOOL RULES AND REGULATIONS IS NOT THE JOB OF THE STUDENTCOUNCIL OR ITS COUNCILORS. Be aware that this is the responsibility of the Prefect body.


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